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2014 Limited Edition CX65 and King


It’s been twenty years since the first Cobras rolled onto the starting gate at the famed Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Tennessee. The year was 1994, and the presence of the little 50cc rippers was not without controversy. Cries of ‘Not Fair’ and ‘They didn’t build enough to be legal’ were soon put aside as the reality sunk in that the world’s first race-ready 50cc automatic motorcycle had made its way to market.

In the ensuring years, the little yellow bikes attracted both the attention of the best minicycle racers in the world as well as many competitors. Companies like KTM, LEM, Polini, Macbor, PRC, Factory Bike, Conti, and Metrakit all have attempted to throw their hat in the 50cc competition ring, and most have failed. Riders named Millsaps, Baggett, Tomac, Durham, Izzy, Canard, Tickle, Bowers, Web, and Cianciarulo have all used their Cobras as launching pads for their careers with a new generation graduating every year that will certainly make their ways into the hallowed ranks of professional racers.

Over those two decades, the little company from Michigan has managed to carve out a niche to serve not only the top minicycle racers in the USA, but also those from all over the world.

ComEdKing65_2 The CX50SR and CX65 Special Edition bikes serve to both capture the history of the brand with styling cues that commemorate twenty years of motocross lineage in addition to celebrating the technological advances that have kept the brand on top of the minicycle world. Each unit will be custom fit to the rider, and every frame will be emblazed with a unique number that ensures the owner has received only one of 50 units produced. Race them, collect them, enjoy them!


2014 CX50 SR (King) Limited Edition includes:

  • Fluorescent Yellow Plastic
  • “Classic” Yellow Frame
  • Purple Billet Components
  • Special Retro Graphics with pre-printed number plate backgrounds (Name, Number, Home Country Flag)
  • Two-Tone Gripper Seat Cover
  • Commemorative Frame Badge with Limited Edition Frame Number
  • Billet Gas Cap
  • Black Hard Anodized Wheel Set
  • Spring rates matched to riders weight

Limited quantities: 50 Total King Units Available

(MSRP: us $4,520)

2014 CX65 Limited Edition includes: 

  • Fluorescent Yellow Plastic
  • “Classic” Yellow Frame
  • Purple Billet Components
  • Special Retro Graphics with pre-printed number plate backgrounds (Name, Number, Home Country Flag)
  • Two-Tone Gripper Seat Cover
  • Commemorative Frame Badge with Limited Edition Frame Number
  • Billet Gas Cap
  • Anniversary Ignition Cover Upgrade
  • Spring rates matched to riders weight

Limited quantities: 50 Total CX65 Units Available

(MSRP:  US $5,620)


With limited quantities, these are sure to go quickly.  To place an order for an anniversary bike or any of our models, please contact your local dealer. 


To find a dealer near you click here.

  1. Congrats on your 20 year anniversary! Are there any of these limited edition bikes left?

  2. The Kings are sold out!…There are a few 65s left…

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