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Brraapp! There go the Cobras as the gate drops on the 2013 amateur national MX season

California’s Ryder Di Francesco and Jett Reynolds lead the Cobra Moto assault on the nation’s top amateur MX events beginning this weekend in Florida and Texas.

2013 Cobra Moto Team

HILLSDALE, Mich., (March 8, 2013) – Though they still have a couple feet to grow and a hundred or so pounds of muscle to pack on, the guys you’re going to read about here – Cobra Moto’s 2013 Team members – could very well be the same guys making up the top ten overall in the Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship series’ 250 class a decade from now.

Putting the pen to yet another chapter its legendary legacy beginning this weekend in Daytona Beach, Fla., this year’s Cobra Generation represent the best-of-the-best in the nation’s 50cc Jr. and Sr. classes, along with some title contenders in the 65cc classes as well.

“Once again the Cobra Moto roster is stacked with talent from top to bottom,” said Sean Hilbert, President of Cobra Moto. “We’ve recruited the fastest riders from coast to coast in the United States – from Bakersfield, California to the eastern seaboard, Midwest and deep south. Cobra Moto’s 2013 Team are represented by every region of the United States, truly our nation’s best young racers all under the Cobra Moto banner for 2013.

Here’s a look at the Cobra Moto-backed racers for 2013, beginning with the tandem from Bakersfield – Ryder Di Francesco and Jett Reynolds.

Cobra Moto Team

Ryder Di Francesco: Simply put, only one other racer in the history of the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship (besides Ryder) has won the 50cc class National Championship twice – and that guy’s leading the Monster Energy Supercross 450 title points chase right now. Ryder had a spectacular year on his Cobra King 50, dominating the 4-6 class. This year Ryder will be a young 7-8/7-9 50cc class racer, but expect him to challenge the bigger kids all summer long.


Jett Reynolds: Though a couple falls kept Jett off the podium at Loretta’s last year, the Mini Os were Jett’s races to shine – sweeping the MX and SX classes on his Cobra King 50. The highlight for Jett’s weekend in Gainesville, Fla. – and possibly his season last year – was when he tracked down, caught and passed the then older Cobra racer Gage Linville to win Mini Os’ 50cc SX crown.


Jaiden Taylor: Michigan’s top 50cc racer, Jaiden won the 7-8 50cc amateur national title last year at Loretta Lynn’s – giving Cobra another sweep of the class (along with Ryder’s 4-6 title). Not having the luxury of riding his King 50 outdoors much during the winter months in Michigan, Jaiden trains with freestyle BMX and has become quite the little ripper on the ramps. Come summer he may take a couple motos to shake the winter rust off, but soon hits full stride and will challenge the amateur nationals’ titles in the 7-9 65cc class.

Nicholas Romano: Battling with fellow Cobra Moto racer Ryder Di Francesco all summer long, Romano would score the first amateur national win of his career at the end of 2012 – finally getting the better of Ryder at the Mini Os. The New York-based Romano will join Di Francesco as two of the nation’s top seven-year-olds in the 7-8/7-9 50cc classes on their Cobra King 50s this summer.

Reed Cooper: Another New Yorker on Cobra Moto’s National Team, Reed was 2nd at Loretta’s last summer with three solid motos. And though he had to miss the Mini Os because of Hurricane Sandy, watch for Reed – who’s one of Cobra Moto’s more consistent racers – to come out of the gate fast as a veteran eight-year-old in the 7-8/7-9 50cc classes this summer.

The rest of the Cobra Moto Team members: Brock Bennett (Bakersfield, Calif.), Cade Britt (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), Noah Geyer (Fredericksburg, Md.), Daniel McCullon (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.), Ryan Pruett (Greenville, S.C.), Codee Samples (Midlothian, Texas), Gregory Stewart (Elkhart, Ind.), Johnny Weber (Kenosha, Wis.), Chase Yentzer (Carlisle, Pa.) and Hunter Yoder (Murrieta, Calif.).


Team Cobra graphic ID: Top row (L to R) Ryder Di Francesco, Jett Reynolds, Gregory Stewart, Jaiden Taylor, Ryan Pruett, Cade Britt  & Codee Samples. Bottom row (L to R) Hunter Yoder, Chase Yentzer, Brock Bennett, Daniel McCullon, Reed Cooper, Nicholas Romano, Noah Geyer & Johnny Weber.

Also, don’t forget your entry for the “Cobra Tales” video contest. For official Contest Rules, Submission Guidelines and Contest Eligibility link to our website at:


Up next for Cobra: Fourth annual Monster Energy Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Championship – part of the popular “Bike Week” festivities at Daytona International Speedway – March 10th & 11th and the 37th annual One Industries GNC International Grand National Motocross Final, presented by FMF, at Texas’ Oak Hill Raceway, March 13-17.

  1. We’re always excited to discover new talent! We look forward to checking Adam out on the track this Spring…

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